The Goose House announce a partnership with Verimatrix

At The Goose House, we recognise that protecting the integrity of Esports is essential. Having your content stolen or your game spoiled by a hacker can ruin your day, but fortunately help is on hand from the team at Verimatrix.

With the Esports industry estimated to be a $2bn dollar industry in 2022, keeping Esports safe and secure is more important than ever before. Verimatrix specialise in protecting digital content, applications and devices with intuitive and frictionless security. They’ve chosen the UK’s premier Valorant community to help spread the word, and we’re excited to feature their branding on social media and our jerseys.

David Taylor, Head of Community and Content Creation at The Goose House added:

“The Goose House is a huge proponent of protecting the Esports ecosystem. We look forward to helping Verimatrix become an active member-participant in our tournaments and in our community.”

Jon Samsel, Vice President of Global Marketing at Verimatrix said:

“Understanding Esports from the athlete, team, community and tournament point of view is critical to developing security solutions that effectively safeguard Esports revenue streams. Stream ripping, application hacks and game cheats can impact the integrity of gameplay and destabilize the esports ecosystem. Verimatrix is excited to extend our secure delivery expertise into this fast-growing market.”

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