At the UK’s fastest growing Valorant community we’re passionate about developing players at all levels. Whether that’s welcoming new comers to the game or leaving our mark in the highest echelons of Esports, we’re helping the best and brightest realise their ambitions.

Today, we’re announcing our first Valorant roster. Making their debut at epic.LAN this weekend, and with hopes to rise to the top of Valorant Esports, we’re excited to extend a warm welcome to:

  • Mandeep
  • Viscern
  • Peter
  • Matik
  • and Euan

Here’s what Mandeep had to say:

We’re a bunch of hyped individuals with a range of styles, looking to create a mark and show ourselves to the world. Viscern is our fast-fragging duelist, backed by Peter who is an experienced sentinel and our new in-game leader, Mandeep. Our roster is rounded out by solid supports Matik and Euan. We wanted to represent the UK community as we are all from The Streets, and since The Goose House is extremely respected in the UK Community, it was the obvious choice for us.


Dek Gladwell, Head of Esports and Marketing at The Goose House added:

I couldn’t be happier with the drive and determination that the squad has shown already. This is a long term plan, we have the structure implemented to help the players not only in game but outside of it too. I am very excited to watch the growth and progress of the team and can’t wait to see them at LAN once COVID-19 regulations have been loosened.


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