The Goose House was established on the 1st of October 2013 by Data and BossJono but can be traced back as far back as 2003 under the Counterstrike 1.6 team IronFist competing in Enemy Down, Clanbase and TheSGL.


There’s a chance this screenshot is older than you are…

It’s original purpose was to be a small crew on GTA Online but it quickly grew beyond that into a general gaming community after long-time teammates Dek & Chipper rejoined.


Over a decade of competing at a high level with teams like Scream2Frag, Relentless and Animosity across various games with various team mates who went on to professional level gaming like Seb “Numlocked” Barton & James “BanKs, the original lineup of Dek, Data, Chipper and Infinity^ hung up their jerseys and decided to focus on managing a team instead of playing in one.


Fast forward to 2016 when we officially entered the Esports world with The Goose House CS:GO team. When looking for a team, we were after a special set of players. The UK is notorious for teams with toxic players, team line-ups changing every other week and a lot of bad attitudes. We wanted to make sure that the team we chose would not only make an impact in the scene but do it with a sense of professionalism & maturity from day one.


After our first season we were happy with our progression but it was apparent that the squad lacked experience, that’s when UKCS legend Luke “fearLess” Morris offered to jump on board and take the coaching role. With the help of fearLess, the team climbed from ESEA-Open to ESEA-Main in two seasons, competing in various UK based tournaments & LAN events and eventually becoming the champions of UK Minors season 2.


Now The Goose House returns, merging with GYG Esports founded by Dan “eLSD” Ellis, to bring you the fastest growing UK gaming community, with weekly events, monthly giveaways and a helluva lot of Valorant.


Promo GIF we used during the merge process (2020).

The only question remains, how long will it be before our feared Goose donning a tophat and monocle returns to competitive gaming?

Get involved. Make friends. Rank up.


David “data” Taylor
Co-Founder, The Goose House

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