Today was the beginning of the EpicLAN 20 CS:GO tournament group stage. In their group they were put up against the 3rd and 8th seed of the tournament, managing to take the win from DOG Gaming with a comfortable 16-9, but unfortunately losing to Impulse 16-11. classed us as one of the upsets of the tournament in an article they published earlier today, which reads:


Group C: The Goose House Vs DOG Gaming (8)

In group C one of the first upsets of this group was between TGH (LukeJM, EddieK2, Tattie, -King-, jackblk3) and DOG Gaming (Yoshi, debaser, quiver, ashhh, mezii). TGH take down DOG Gaming 16-9.


This also means some of the games have a higher chance of being streamed/casted so we’ll able to collect a few clips together! Really proud of the lads and what they have achieved so far.