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Birds of Prey 3 Announced

Birds of Prey 3 Announced

The Goose House continue commitment to diversity in Esports with Birds of Prey: Episode Three

London, UK— 22/02/22, The Goose House have announced Birds of Prey: Episode Three, their third in a series of tournaments for female & marginalized gender players in Europe.


The event will take place on Tuesday 15th at 5:00PM GMT and Wednesday 16th March 2022. Open to Europe and the UK, 32 teams will compete in a BO3 series for the £2,000 prize pool provided by Red Bull. Commentary for the event will be provided by gotmoxi and NaoriMizuki live on https://twitch.tv/thegoosehouse.


Dan Ellis (he/him), CEO at The Goose House said: “I’m delighted to be able to continue the Birds of Prey series for the female & marginalized gender VALORANT scene. So much talent has come out of these tournaments, and we’re excited to bring even more opportunities to grassroots Esports. Thank you to Red Bull UK for making this possible”.


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