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TGH partner with SwiftSkill

TGH partner with SwiftSkill

At The Goose House, we’re always looking for partners that can create the most value for our community. That’s why we’re delighted to announce a partnership with Swiftskill, an online tool to help you get better at VALORANT.

Swiftskill’s automated, data driven insights help you to analyse your gameplay. Their tools show you where you’re playing well, and where you have opportunities to improve. Whether you’re a VALORANT master or just starting to climb the ladder, Swiftskill is the tool of choice for players looking to win fights and clutch rounds.

The Goose House VALORANT team will use Swiftskill throughout the VALORANT Regional Leagues and Champions Tour.


Dan “@_eLSDx” Ellis , CEO of The Goose House said:

“When I was first introduced to SwiftSkill I was flattered that they had followed our story at The Goose House and were eager to work with us. SwiftSkill will offer our VALORANT team a new way of analysing their games and improving performance, our community will love SwiftSkill as everyone in The Goose House wants to improve, they’re a perfect fit”


Anil Peri & Shankha Dutta, Founders of Swiftskill said:

“The future of esports belongs to those who continuously reinvent themselves and persevere. Everyone has to start somewhere, and we can all be better players with hard work and the right tools. Communities are really important to esports. We’re extremely proud to be partnered with the UK’s largest Valorant community. Together, we’ll help humble players reach even greater heights.


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