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TGH Lunar Game Changers Update

TGH Lunar Game Changers Update

The Goose House is the UK’s premier VALORANT community, home to new and developing talent from across the country.

Over the past few weeks there has been a shuffle in the team due to a change in personal life circumstances with some of the players. Due to this we have made some new additions to the roster in Just Purii, Samsi & Wesenta!

Moving forward, the TGH Lunar roster listed below will be taking part in VCT Game Changers and other tournaments.

  • Samsi
  • Cille
  • Annie
  • Just Purii
  • Wesenta

Dek Gladwell, COO & Head of Esports said: “We have now completed the TGH Lunar roster with a group of very motivated players, i’m very excited to watch their progression through Game Changers and watching them compete against the best female and marginalised gender players in the world. I hope you join us in supporting the Lunar roster during this amazing FE/MG movement happening in Esports right now. ”

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