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Birds Of Prey: Episode 1

Birds Of Prey: Episode 1

London, UK— 17/07/21, The Goose House have announced Birds of Prey: Episode One, a new series of VALORANT tournaments open to female & marginalised gender players in Europe.

Birds of Prey: Episode One is something we’ve been wanting to run for a very long time. At The Goose House we celebrate diversity and inclusion, wanting everyone to have the opportunity to succeed.” said Dan Ellis (he/him) CEO at The Goose House. “Thanks to the Challengermode and Opera GX Grassroots fund, we’ve been able to make the tournament even more exciting for the teams signing up”.

Birds of Prey: Episode One is due to go ahead on the 25th of July 2021. 16 teams will compete in a BO3 series, and the tournament will be broadcasted live over on https://twitch.tv/TheGooseHouse.

Megsoundslikeegg (she/her) & Luuucid (she/her) will be providing commentary for the broadcast, and it will be their first professional casting opportunity.

Megan Clark (she/her) Head Esports Admin at The Goose House said “I believe tournaments like ‘Birds of Prey’ are incredibly important to the esports scene. It’s vital that we continue to provide opportunities for female and marginalized gender players to thrive, and help shine a light on all the amazing work they do in esports”.”

Dan Ellis, CEO of The Goose House added: “I am so excited for this team to join The Goose House and to see TGH Lunar in action, the relationship between the girls is strong and they enjoy playing as a team, it also shows when they play. Our community is a diverse place and hopefully TGH Lunar will be the beacon that shines hope & opportunity to the wider community and encourage others to get involved with esports.””

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